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Crystal Ball Gazing

Divination via crystal ball is a well known form of scrying and, like the tarot, appears frequently in films due to its visual nature. Crystal ball gazing goes back a long way before the end-of-pier entertainer and is known technically as crystallomancy or sometimes as a form of catoptromancy (the term catoptromancy can also refer to other forms of scrying with a reflective surface, for example mirror scrying).

How Does Crystal Ball Gazing Work?

If you believe the films then a crystal ball is some sort of psychic television: the mists clear and a scene is played out in 3D technicolour for everyone to see.

The reality, of course, is rarely like that and users develop their own crystal ball gazing technique with experience. Very often the gazer will 'see' images in the crystal but they're actually projected from their own minds; the crystal is acting as a focus for their own imagination and/or psychic ability. As with so many forms of divination the power is likely to be in the user not the object.

Crystal ball choice is not a simple decision. All crystals are different and what works best for one person might not work for others. Some people prefer a large sphere, others something small. Some people like a perfectly clear sphere, others find that imperfections help to incubate the visions. You'll have to experiment and find what works best for you.

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