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Natal Astrology

There are various forms of astrology, however the one we're most familiar with in the modern world - the one that gives us our Sun Sign for reading our horoscope - is natal astrology. So what exactly is the definition?

What Is Natal Astrology?

The word natal refers to birth. Hence natal astrology refers to the position and relationships of the astrological 'planets' at the time of birth. It's all about drawing up and reading a birth chart.

Traditional vs Modern

Traditional astrology tried to gain a lot of information from reading the subject's birth chart. A belief in predestination led to an attempt to predict almost everything about the subject's life in detail: marriage, illnesses, major events, etc.

Today such a rigid interpretation of the chart is no longer popular. Instead the chart is more frequently used to give a feeling for a person's overall character and the general tendencies of their life. It's a higher level, more holistic approach.

There are other ways to use the birth chart. For example two individual charts can also be combined for compatibility analysis. Or a birth chart can be combined with a chart on a particular day for more in depth prediction. Although both of these use the birth chart, astrologers vary as to whether or not they should truly be called natal.